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RangerWi-Fi Consulting LLC is located in Cypress, TX, we are a new company but bring over 20 years of combined professional and expert level experience; our mission is to Enhance Businesses through the use of Technology.

We are a Veteran owned company that provides quality, customer-focused Wireless & Security Solutions not just for Texas, but throughout the United States.

We evaluate your business needs and current network infrastructure to develop a comprehensive solution to enhance business processes.

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RangerWi-Fi Consulting LLC

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Hospitality Wi-Fi Public Security

In today’s world it is crucial for the hospitality industry to maintain and deploy high performance and secure

Wireless Assessments

Businesses are becoming more and more reliant on their Wi-fi infrastructure in order to increase productivity and

Security Assessments

With security threats hiding in every corner of your network, Cybersecurity is essential to businesses of all types.

RangerWi-Fi Consulting LLC


Say Hello to Aruba Instant On Access Points

Say “hello” to an easier, more secure way to boost growth and productivity, support remote work and drive amazing online experiences — all at an attractive price for your small- or medium-sized business. Thanks to Aruba Instant On, RangerWi-Fi Consulting LLC delivers it all to bring you peace of mind.


With Aruba Instant On, RangerWi-Fi Consulting LLC brings you Wi-Fi that works from a company that gets it. Set up a better network in minutes with Aruba Instant On. Now from $79.99 for a limited time.

Rolling out remote construction sites has never been simpler and more secure

Even in the most challenging work environments, an Aruba mobile-first architecture simplifies the rollout of secure, connected remote sites. See how Aruba solutions maximize security, flexibility and control across different-sized construction sites at NCC.

Ranger Wi-Fi Consulting LLC

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Ranger Wi-Fi Consulting LLC

Ranger Wi-Fi Consulting LLC