Wireless Surveys Defined:

Predictive Surveys:

Predictive surveys are a reliable option for customers looking to implement Wireless at a new location quickly and on a budget. The more quality information provided by the customer along with quality floor plans increases the accuracy of a predictive survey.

Active Surveys:

Active surveys are the most comprehensive Wireless Survey that can be performed. Active surveys are recommended, and incorporate an onsite Wireless professional equipped with our vendor recommended software. During this process our Engineer(s) will take active Radio Frequency (RF) readings by placing customer identified Access Point Models in a location of the required coverage area and walk out the Access Points RF propagation. This process allows RangerWi-Fi to provide a optimum Wireless Design based on the environment and additional design requirements.

Passive Surveys:

Passive Surveys are a great way to identify the current RF coverage at any given location. This method is good for businesses who have Wireless deployed but have never had a Wireless Survey (Predictive or Active) done and would like to know their current RF footprint, this is great information to have when looking at a redesign or upgrading Access Points. Predictive’s provide active data to help with remediation of Wireless issues and/or make recommendations to follow best practices.

RangerWi-Fi Consulting specializes in all types of surveys utilizing industry best practices and recommended software.

Wireless & Security Assessments:

Wireless Assesments:

We offer a comprehensive wireless assessment which includes providing you with a graphic heat map that illustrates the RF propagation for your current wireless deployment. Next we take a look at your current WLAN configuration. Through this assessment we compare your current configuration and make recommendations based on vendor and industry best practices and your business requirements.

Security Assessments:

RangerWi-Fi’s security assessment offers more than just looking at malware and virus scans. We breakdown all aspects of your security posture and make sound, cost-effective recommendations to strengthen your businesses security. This includes Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Compliance Assessment, and Configuration Review.


RangerWi-Fi works to design a comprehensive and secure Wireless Infrastructure to support your business requirements. We support Wireless redesigns and new deployments that include but not limited to Voice, Location-Based services, Data, and Multimedia Applications. We are able to help you better understand your Wireless and Security Infrastructure making sure it adheres to best practices and your business needs.

Hospitality WiFi & Public Security:

Rangerwi-fi can provide a comprehensive and solid wireless solution for your guests. We work with Hotels, Resorts, Lodges and Restaurants to make sure their guests remain connected when it matters most. Our designs follow industry best practices and offer high performance and security where it counts.

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