• In today’s world of hybrid cloud environments, you need server solutions that support various workloads and applications. Read HPE’s latest blog to learn how HPE ProLiant Gen 10 Plus is optimized for five key workloads including high-performance computing and software-defined storage.
  • When you protect your data, you protect your business. HPE Small Business Solutions offer hybrid cloud and on-premise file and backup solutions to fit your budget and needs. HPE also makes it easy to evolve your storage and backup solution as your needs change. Check out this helpful infographic to learn how to get secure, simple, and affordable storage.
  • Mobile technology and the cloud help midsize businesses compete at full size levels. Check out how can help you compete with a simple network that doesn’t sacrifice business-class performance, security and reliability.
  • What do Cisco, Apple and IBM all have in common? They were all recently victims of exploits that stemmed from vulnerabilities in hardware. How reliable is your server security? Check out this recent report from Moor Insights and Strategy on maintaining security and compliance at the hardware level.
  • This blog introduces Aruba Instant On with a focus on the benefits to small businesses and the challenges they face. Read More…
  • 60% of businesses don’t have a formal digital transformation strategy. If you’re part of this group, check out this infographic to learn how AI-driven storage accelerates data transformation and enables you to overcome key challenges to adopting and optimizing AI.
  • This infographic clearly outlines how easy it is to set up Aruba Instant On and offers statistics on the benefits of small business Wi-Fi. View: Set Up Your Small Business Network in 3 Easy Steps
  • Your increasingly complex, distributed infrastructure can’t be managed by guesswork anymore. HPE InfoSight uses data collection and analytics to help IT improve performance, optimize resources and plan for the future. Check out the infographic to learn how.
  • As companies grow, storage needs can rapidly become a challenge. This was the case for Nordic service provider Basefarm, which went from managing 1 petabyte of storage to over 20 petabytes in less than five years. Learn how they ensured reliable SLAs for all customers and build an elevated storage platform using HPE InfoSight data analytics technology.
  • Making sense of new technology and meeting customer demands can be a challenge for small businesses. Luckily, through our partnership with Aruba, makes it easy for businesses of any size to maintain strong, secure Wi-Fi. Check out the full specifications for Aruba Instant On AP11, designed specifically for small retail stores and home offices.
  • Great news! Aruba was named a leader in Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure. An Aruba Wi-Fi provider, can set you up with the solution that best suits your business. If you’re an SMB, be sure to ask us about Aruba Instant On — a new addition to the Aruba Wi-Fi portfolio that offers great coverage, security and performance with the simplicity small businesses need.
  • Meet the Intelligent Data Platform from HPE — discover how it to predicts and resolves problems, scales ahead of demand and moves data easily to where it needs to be. When you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your data, contact to take the next step.
  • Concerns about security, compliance, application performance and availability, migration, and costs are all roadblocks to placing workloads in the public cloud. How else can you bring cloud benefits to the data center? This Frost & Sullivan report recommends modernizing on an intelligent platform delivered via a consumption-based model.
  • Storage is growing at unpredictable and rapid rates. Your enterprise needs tools to plan for that growth. Check out the recent blog from HPE to learn how cloud-based predictive analytics can help.
  • A new IDC survey finds 74% of organizations interested in using cloud-based predictive analytics to increase autonomous operations to drive improved productivity. Learn all their findings and the real value companies are seeing from AI/ML in the full report.
  • By 2021, AI augmentation will generate $2.9 trillion in business value. offers solutions to help you use AI, data and analytics to gain deeper insights into customers and the competition. Here’s why it’s important.
  • How can you spend 85% less time managing problems and 79% less on storage expenses while having 86% of issues automatically opened and resolved? You’ll find the answer in this brochure about HPE InfoSight — a solution offers to bring the advantages of artificial intelligence to hybrid cloud environments.
  • See ‘simplicity at its best’ by watching this short, Aruba Instant On unboxing video. Discover everything you need to set up W-Fi access for your small business in under 4 minutes. Thanks to Aruba Instant On, can deliver simple, secure, high performance access points for all your needs — starting at just $79.99!
  • HPE has made big moves on the security front recently. From leveraging key partnerships in virtual environments to receiving two Cyber Catalyst product designations, HPE is working to create a holistic security approach. Check out this recent Forbes feature to learn more.
  • What is the unique technology that makes #HPE servers the industry’s most secure? Here’s a brief introduction to HPE’s Silicon Root of Trust and how it works.
  • Ready to move to a mobile-first strategy? Learn a lesson or two from Stanley Park High — a visionary UK school that adopted @Aruba to enhance teaching and learning experiences with uninterrupted, secure Wi-Fi and a robust, school-wide network.
  • How does the silicon root of trust protect HPE gen 10 servers from attack? Watch this video to see how the iLO 5 chip establishes a secure, trusted chain that allows HPE to monitor all essential firmware components and detect potential intrusions.
  • Purpose-built for the #Cloud and right-sized for midsize business, #ArubaCloud solutions deliver simple-to-use networking that saves IT time with business-class features that maximize technology investments and accelerate business growth.
  • The annual cost of #cybercrime has reached $1 trillion and is rising every year. How can you navigate the thousands of cybersecurity products, services and solutions to find the best one for your business? Cyber Catalyst is a new designation based on recommendations from leading insurers. Check it out.
  • Even in the most challenging work environments, an Aruba mobile-first architecture simplifies the rollout of secure, connected remote sites. See how Aruba solutions maximize security, flexibility and control across different-sized construction sites at NCC.
  • Say “hello” to an easier, more secure way to boost growth and productivity, support remote work and drive amazing online experiences — all at an attractive price for your small- or medium-sized business. Thanks to Aruba Instant On, RangerWi-Fi Consulting LLC delivers it all to bring you peace of mind.
  • With support for Windows Server 8 ending, what do small businesses need to know to upgrade their operating system? Check out the latest HPE blog to learn about the security improvements of Windows Server 19 and the most important aspects when considering a migration.
  • Set up a better network in minutes with RangerWi-Fi Consulting LLC and Aruba Instant On. Get Wi-Fi that works from a company that gets it. Now from $79.99 for a limited time.
  • With Aruba Instant On, RangerWi-Fi Consulting LLC brings you Wi-Fi that works from a company that gets it. Set up a better network in minutes with Aruba Instant On. Now from $79.99 for a limited time.         <iframe src=”//;color=e3dede” frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen=”” mozallowfullscreen=”” allowfullscreen=”” data-aspectratio=”0.5625″ data-oldwidth=”560″ style=”width: 1098px; height: 617.625px;”></iframe>
  • How would your business be impacted by a loss of vital information to a virus, malware or device malfunction? With HPE Small Business Solutions, RangerWi-Fi Consulting LLC offers an affordable, secure central system for storage, backup, and file sharing. Check out the video to learn how backing up your data keeps you focused on running your business.     <iframe width=”700″ height=”600″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • Customers expect fast, reliable Wi-Fi wherever they go. Plain and simple. With Aruba Instant On, RangerWi-Fi Consulting LLC makes installing it plain and simple. Get a better network in minutes. Now from $79.99 for a limited time.
  • Do you have a dedicated security staff for your small business? If you’re like most, this is outside your limited security budget. Unfortunately, the average cost of a data breach for an SMB is $149,0000. Check out this blog to learn the security challenges small businesses face and what you can do to keep your business secure.

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